2018 Customer Service Week.

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About Customer Service Week

Customer Service Week is an international event devoted to recognizing the importance of customer service and to honouring the people who serve and support customers with the highest degree of care and professionalism. Since 1991, the Customer Service Group has sponsored the official Customer Service Week program. In 1992 the U.S. Congress proclaimed Customer Service Week a nationally recognized event, celebrated annually during the first full week in October, other countries adopted and to this day over 80 countries take part in the CSW celebrations.

The International Customer Service Week logo is a trademark of the Customer Service Group, which regulates its use. This year’s Customer Service Week theme is Excellence Happens Here™. The theme recognizes service excellence and encourages service personnel to serve their clients with excellence. It’s a powerful message for service teams and entire organizations to celebrate during Customer Service Week.

Zambia Customer Service Week (1-5 October 2018)

As part of the international celebrations, Zambia has joined the rest of the world to celebrate the Customer Service Week (CSW). The Zambia Customer Service Week is dedicated to promote a culture of service excellence in Zambia and to appreciate the role of customers and customer service/call centre employees in business growth and sustainability. The Zambian Institute for Customer Management will host the CSWeek for the very first time in Zambia this year. We are inviting all corporates to join us in celebrating this wonderful cause!

This year, during this special week, organizations can:

  • Boost morale, motivation and teamwork.
  • Reward frontline reps.
  • Raise companywide awareness of the importance of customer service.
  • Thank other departments for their support.
  • Remind customers of their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Customer Service Week Program

In-house programs: 1-3 October 2018 – In your own organizations

All participating organisations will carry out in-house programs and also have their logos featured on all publicity and promotional campaigns undertaken for the awareness of the Customer Service Week.  During the in-house programs, companies have the opportunity to celebrate the CSW at their premises in their customer service centres. Inhouse programs may include but not limited to:

  • Customer service trainings
  • Customer related promotions
  • Decorating customer service areas
  • Rewarding key account customers
  • Top management serving customers
  • Employee fun day(Fun dressing, dress competitions, customer service reward programs)

Promotional campaigns will include but not limited to:

  • Street/Road March (companies are free to join )
  • Road shows
  • Billboards, posters, electronic and print adverts
  • Branded CSW t-shirts, shirts and other materials to use for in-house programmes
  • Participation certificates

Customer Service Week Exhibitions – Manda Hill Mall Lusaka

All participating organisations will participate in the CSW Brand expo which will take place in Lusaka on the 29th of September at Manda Hill Mall. Companies will get space to set up and exhibit their customer focused brands as well as showcase their customer service initiatives for the year.

We will have a March Past from Zesco through Great East Road to Manda Hill at 09hrs to herald the exhibitions and raise CSWeek Publicity. Various forms of entertainment will be available and this will be a great opportunity for companies to sell their customer focused brands and show the nation their commitment to service excellence.

 Customer Service Conference 4-5 October 2018 – Intercontinental Hotel Lusaka

The service levels in Zambia are debatable but agreeably below par, especially in most public service departments/companies and small to medium enterprises. This does not exonerate the large corporations as a lot of effort is collectively needed to curb mediocrity in service delivery. While the average corporate is conscious of the need for service excellence as witnessed by their mission statements and marketing statements, marginal effort is being put on the operational front mainly due to the cost barrier and to a larger extent, complacency.

CICM is pleased to host this conference to discuss Service Excellence and its effects on any business as well as latest issues, standards, global best practices and trends related to the field of customer care and service delivery.

Call For Papers

We are offering a chance for Academicians, Customer Service Enthusiasts and Gurus to submit their papers for presentation during the conference. The conference welcomes papers on all aspects of everyday life in Customer Service. This conference welcomes interdisciplinary perspectives on customer service issues. Research papers which adopt a variety of methodological approaches are of interest to this conference. This includes studies which are based on in depth case studies of particular organizations; surveys of service oriented organizations; historical studies of such organisations; observational studies; archival research and discussion papers on matters of contemporary debate.

Customer Service Awards Dinner: 5 October 2018 – Radisson Blu Hotel Lusaka

The end of the customer service week will be celebrated at a dinner on the last day of the CSWeek. All companies and individuals who fared exceptionally well will be crowned for Service Excellence. The CSW dinner can be attended by anyone not necessarily Service Excellence awards participants as this marks the end of the customer service week and a celebration for success.