The Zambian Institute for Customer Management (ZICM) is a non-profit making national body focused on growing the Zambia Customer Service/Call Centre Industry, its people and Standards to global standards. ZICM was formed to promote and further Customer Service from being just a support service or an appendage to other management functions but as a vital management discipline and stand alone function. The thrust of ZICM revolves around professionals working in call centres, contact centres, customer care/services and other related disciplines. The idea of its formation was motivated by other networking groups in first world countries, Asia, Middle East and some few African countries that had yielded tremendous customer service/call centre industry growth, boosted the service sector and contact centre industry, created employment, improved service delivery and connected contact centre/ customer services professionals with international recruitment agencies and academic professional boards.


To be the best institute for customer service advocacy in Zambia by advancing the Customer Service practice as a distinct management function in order to improve service delivery in Zambia.


To advance the practice of customer management, develop customer service professionals, standards, call centre industry, and promote excellence in service delivery across Zambia.


“Promoting a Culture of Service Excellence”


The ZICM was founded with the following initial aims:

  • To promote customer service as a profession and to improve the level of its practitioner’s professionalism through training, assessment, accreditation and certification.
  • To promote and further Customer Service as a vital management discipline and stand alone function rather than just a support service or an appendage to other management functions.
  • To provide people working directly or indirectly in customer service (Public or Private sector), with the education and professional standards that will enable them to reach their full potential in their chosen field.
  • To develop and promote the national Customer Service Standards, and a national Customer Service Awarding system, which will help organisations develop and sustain a customer ethos through improvements to the design,  delivery, quality and effectiveness of customer service strategies, policies and systems.
  • To improve knowledge of the components of customer service excellence through research, training and development programmes, publications, awards, conferences and customer focus groups.
  • To promote Zambia as a preferred location for global contact centres and a  key hub for the call centre industry in the African continent
  • To facilitate the exchange of customer service and call centre ideas through Workshops, conferences, forums and monthly discussion groups
  • To advocate and strive to make Customer care more visible and understood by policy makers, other practitioners and the community as a whole