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Customer Experience Management and the customer service profession is growing rapidly in size and prominence, make sure you are a part of the action. This is where you build long-term relationships to further yourself in your career. Members benefit from a variety of knowledge programs, networking, publications and services that can help you improve and advance your career.

Membership means you will be recognized as someone who is:

  • Serious about professional and personal development
  • Enthusiastic about good practices in delivering excellent customer service
  • Dedicated to practicing your profession in an ethical manner

These factors give you the edge in the job market and distinguish you to employers, colleagues and stakeholders. Whether you are looking to advance your career, add to your skills and knowledge, or stay in touch with peers, a membership is the clear path.

Individual Membership: Benefits

  • Receive membership certificate and card
  • Voting rights and rights to be voted in the ZICM board.
  • View a list of vacancies in call/contact centre industry, customer services ,customer care, around the country and world over
  • Attend all national and international training/development  programs at discounted rates
  • Participate in National and International Customer Service Excellence Awards
  • Receive monthly newsletter, quarterly and annual magazine with latest industry information which members can also use to advertise their products and services
  • Exchange programs with Asian Pacific, European confederation of contact centers, Global Association of Contact Centers and South African corporate members.
  • Customer Experience and Total quality management programs
  • Individual and company Certification by International Customer Management Institute (certified customer service practitioners)
  • Add your application to our database if you are a job seeker.
  • Internships for student membership
  • Local and International Networking Events, other Seminars, Local and International Customer Service Expo, Educational Seminars,
  • Site Visits to local and international top call centres.

Corporate Membership Benefits


  • Increased visibility: Personal and Corporate visibility through networking events such as  the Customer Service Week and Service Excellence Awards
  • Opportunities of Continuous training and personal Development through the various training programmes offered by ZICM.
  • Access to the ZICM Membership Directory for purposes of networking and business development.
  • Opportunity to advertise on all ZICM media platforms (Web page, e-magazine, newsletter, magazines) at discounted rates.
  • Opportunity to enjoy upto 25% discount on ZICM products and services including all training and events.
  • Discounts on ZICM’s continuous professional development programmes.
  • Professionalism: Personal & Business conduct and appearance for all our individual members
  • Access to our resource library with upto date information on the Customer Service and call centre fields
  • Receive our monthly newsletter with monthly updates
  • Access to directory for reputable local and international vendor suppliers and buyers’ guide
  • Access to industry research and benchmarking data.
  • Have your employees be members of a customer service professional body and attain professional growth by active-ly participating in all ZICM events and training.

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There are two different categories of Corporate Membership with additional varying benefits:

Small to Medium Business (between 1 & 100 employees)

  • 20% discount on each additional individual membership
  • Certificate proclaiming your organisation’s membership
  • 1 day site visit, audit & certification (extra days charged as required)
  • In-house Training to the value of K2,000

Large Enterprise (over 101 employees)

  • 20% discount on each additional individual membership
  • Certificate proclaiming your organisation’s membership
  • In-house Training to the value of K3500
  • 1 day site visit, audit & certification (extra days charged as required)